Brandt VX

Fueling Informed Decisions

Let's get started.

Advancing your 911 system begins with the removal of guesswork from complex decision-making.

  • Subject Matter Expertise

    At the intersection of data science and public policy the team at Brandt VX brings together seasoned experts with a proven track record of success.

  • State-of-the-Art Analytical Tools

    Victor is a first-of-its-kind suite of analytical tools that analyzes the past, predicts the future, and optimizes readiness.

  • Technical Project Managers

    When simply providing reports is not enough, the PMP certified team at Brandt VX is available to aid with change and project management.

Meet Victor. He's your wingman.

VX and VO are collectively known as Victor.

  • Proven solutions to universal problems.

    VX tackles the most fundamental issues in today's 911 systems with the most robust and refined tools available. Examples include:

    • Data Quality Assessments & Improvement
    • Human & Nonhuman Resource Analysis
    • Prediction Modeling
  • Custom solutions for unique challenges.

    VO (known as Oscar) provides 911 systems with extraordinary needs the ability to leverage their data for one-of-a-kind analysis. Examples include:

    • Response Time Requirements
    • Financial Assessments for Performance
    • Collective Bargaining Agreement Provisions

Relentless Quality Assurance

An independent perspective.

911 systems typically require providers to self-report performance. Governing authorities must take such reports at face value or engage in resource consuming verification. Victor provides an alternative option.

  • Unbiased.

    Self-reporting performance increases a sense of deception. Victor invalidates both real and perceived bias from the assessment process.

  • Accurate.

    Data modifications raise questions of validity. Victor provides nondestructive updates, accounting for changes without losing initial information.

  • Accessible.

    Performance metrics locked in a database serve no purpose. Victor securely presents assessment results to relevant stakeholders.

You make the rules. Victor keeps score.

Victor monitors multi-agency 911 systems in accordance with each agency's unique requirements.

  1. Define Standards.

    Your agency supplies Victor with a well-formed and strict set of criteria defining when, how, and to what extent judgment should be applied. Standards can come from contracts between different agencies, like response time requirements; alternatively, standards can be internal, like out-of-chute times. Example criteria include:

    • region of scene location
    • presumptive classification
    • schedule
    • clock start/stop status
    • elapsed time allotted
    • mean/fractile goal
  2. Determine Applicability.

    A Requisition is any plausible request for services.

    For each requisition, Victor uses custom criteria defined by your agency to determine which standards are applicable. This enables your agency to provide unique standards for different times of the day or target distinct types of units.

    For example, your agency may want to require that operations personnel in an ambulance begin their response to high priority emergencies in 30 seconds during the day but allow 60 seconds at night.

  3. Perform Assessment.

    An Event is a specific instance of a standard applied to a requisition.

    An Event Calculation is a custom algorithm associated with a standard.

    For each event, Victor works with Oscar to determine reportability, performance, and compliance in accordance with your agencies unique event calculation.

    Noncompliant Event Analysis

    Optionally, Brandt VX analysts are available to manually review the entire system leading up to and during the event, including resources scheduled, produced, serviceable, and utilized. Additionally, manual review includes analysis of the resource deployment plan and execution along with the resource assignment priorities and applicable diversions.

  4. Report Findings.

    Victor produces detailed reports for relevant stakeholders, examples include:

    • itemized requisitions, both complete and incomplete
    • itemized events, including reportable, compliant, and noncompliant
    • aggregated event compliance
    Contributing Factors of Noncompliance

    When Brandt VX analysts perform a Noncompliant Event Analysis, Victor will report the documented findings, including any associated contributing factors leading to noncompliance.

  5. Process Exemptions.

    Victor facilitates the exemption request & response process with a robust workflow. Agencies subjected to a given standard may request an exemption for only performance, or alternatively, for an event in its entirety.

    With Victor, agencies responsible for providing oversight have the benefit of reviewing all documentation associated with the event in question.

    Exemption Services

    When Brandt VX analysts perform a Noncompliant Event Analysis, they will note potentially applicable exemptions. Additionally, at the request of an authorized party, applicable exemptions can be requested by Brandt VX on behalf of a provider or reviewed and authorized/denied by Brandt VX on behalf of a governing authority.

Analytics With Grit

Improvement doesn't just happen.

Victor is intentionally fundamental while vigorously providing opportunities to discover for those with an intense desire to learn and understand.

  • Analyze.

    Victor analyzes your data, creating a timeline for each resource and plotting the duration of availability and mission status. Activity is visualized, providing instant and intuitive insight into the state of readiness and waste.

  • Predict.

    Using sound statistical methods, Victor recognizes patterns and produces a likely range of future call volume and a realistic worst case scenario. Victor never artificially inflates future demand.

  • Optimize.

    By combining previous event performance with accurate prediction modeling, Victor reverse engineers the future, generating your optimal resource production and deployment.

Advancement is the result of informed decisions.

911 systems are both complex and unique. Administrators must match resource production with increasing demand for services while balancing a shrinking budget. Given your systems unique goals, Victor reports:

  • Resource activity.

    Victor measures and reports how mobile resources spend their time. As a result, system administrators gain a deeper understanding of actual unit production, serviceability, and utilization.

  • Deployment activity.

    Victor keeps track of entire multi-agency system deployments. With a well defined deployment plan, Victor keeps track of how well it is complied with and reports how effective each level performs.

    Level Zero.

    Resource availability is nothing short of critical. Victor reports the frequency and duration of all levels in your system, including Level Zero.

  • Demand modeling.

    Victor provides the most complete prediction models ever produced. Unlike any other system, Victor does not guess or otherwise artificially inflate demand. The prediction models used by Victor are confined to only the most sound and trusted statistical algorithms.

  • Workload optimization.

    Resources that are overworked don't perform their best. Likewise, resources that are underworked don't perform their best either.

    Victor identifies and reports the optimal workload for your system so your scheduling department knows how many resources are needed at any given moment.

  • Financial estimates.

    Agencies that collect fees for services rendered will benefit from instant estimates of financial sustainability. With known fixed and variable costs, Victor provides an estimate of system expenses and expected revenue.